Warning from Forgotten Inaugural

whhThe 20th Amendment changed Presidential Inaugurations to JANUARY 20th. Prior to 1933, Inauguration Day was March 4th.


“Limited as are the powers which have been granted, still enough have been granted to constitute a despotism if concentrated in…the Executive branch…
The tendency of power to increase itself, particularly when exercised by a single individual… would terminate in virtual monarchy…

The tendencies of… governments in their decline is to monarchy…

The spirit of faction… in times of great excitement imposes itself upon the people as the genuine spirit of freedom, and, like the false christs whose coming was foretold by the Savior… impose upon the true and most faithful disciples of liberty.

It is in periods like this that it behooves the people to be most watchful of those to whom they have intrusted power.”

Reflection and Response


Source: Rev. Arthur J. Fox, Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Middletown, PA

I have been reading and thinking about the responses of brothers and sisters in Christ, on Facebook and in blogs, to the (re-) election and policies of the administration and members of congress. For a while I wondered why those responses troubled me. They appear to range from dismay and fear to a sense of impending doom and coming conflict (perhaps armed). What I have seen very little of, save from those who serve as pastors and theologians, is a realization of how all of this is spoken to by Scripture. As a result, much of what is written is emotional and of very little use at best. At worst it speaks of a lack of trust in what the Bible has to say to God’s people at this particular point in history.

In the HBO mini-series, Band of Brothers, there is a scene where the 101st Airborne is beginning to march into position in the forest of Bastogne. As they march someone warns then Captain Richard Winters that he and his men were about to be surrounded. His response was memorable: “We Are Paratroopers Lieutenant ….. We Are Supposed To Be Surrounded.” I believe this is the correct assessment of the Church in any age.

The world consists of two broad groups of men and women: those who are in Christ and those who are not. Those in Christ are supposed to be seeking first the Kingdom of God in all they do. They are in the world but not of it. Those outside of Christ hate, seek to oppose and even destroy the Kingdom of God (see Psalm 2:1). These two groups are in fact in a state of war with one another, as Genesis 3:15 said they would be. Christians are loyal to the seed of the woman, Jesus Christ, while non-Christians are loyal to the Serpent. It has ever been thus and remains so to this day. Furthermore, those who do not believe in Christ outnumber those who do.

Why then do we find it surprising that we who live in the 21st Century are surrounded by unbelief and being affected by the policies of those who oppose Christ and his Kingdom? Why do we find it so surprising that laws seem more and more aimed at marginalizing the Church, limiting our ability to express our faith, and making us conform to the perverted lifestyles of those who hate Christ? It is called persecution, and we have brothers and sisters throughout the world who would give anything to have things only as bad as we have it right now!

It could be worse, and perhaps one day will be. For now, however, in America we are still free to worship on Sundays and pray and carry our Bibles with us wherever we go. We are free to appeal to our representatives to change laws we do not agree with or that we believe are threatening our constitutional rights. We are free to support businesses that are having their freedoms curtailed by legislation requiring them to do things they cannot in good conscience do and still call themselves Christians. But do we recognize that these rights are the gift of our God? That he is free to remove these from us for his own good purposes?

My point is simply this: We are Christians, we are supposed to be surrounded. Christ said we would be: “In this world you will have trouble.” As Christians who are feeling overwhelmed by the changes that have taken place in the last 4 years we need to stop and take a breath. We need to remember that God is still in heaven, that there is no authority except that which is set in place by God (Romans 13:1) and respond biblically to what we think they are doing wrong—and that means showing respect and honor to our leaders as we exercise our constitutional rights. Above all else we need to trust our Father in Heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom belongs the rule over Presidents, Congresses and Courts, to do what will bring them the most glory. In the end Jesus shall reign over all and destroy all of his and our enemies. It is way above our pay grade to try to do this for him!

In the meantime, beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, stop, take a breath, pray more and whine less. Spend more time in your Bible and in books that teach you about Christ and how to follow him. Don’t post things that are disrespectful to those in authority, especially if it involves unedifying/foul language, don’t act as though Christ has vacated the throne, and stop being surprised when things are going against your wishes or you are placed outside your comfort zone. Remember what Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble, but fear not, I have overcome the world.”

Your servant for Christ’s sake—Arthur J. Fox

Rev. Fox pastors Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Middletown, Pennsylvania.

Edmund Burke, Genius

Source: American Minute (http://www.americanminute.com/index.php?date=01-12&view=View)

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

This famous quote was from British statesman Edmund Burke, who was born JANUARY 12, 1729. He was considered the most influential orator in the House of Commons.  Burke stands out in history for, as a member of the British Parliament, he defended the rights of the American colonies and strongly opposed the slave trade.

Edmund Burke wrote in his Will:  “First, according to the ancient, good, and laudable custom, of which my heart and understanding recognize the propriety, I bequeath my soul to God, hoping for His mercy through the only merits of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

When America’s Revolutionary War began, Edmund Burke addressed Parliament with a Second Speech on the Conciliation with America, March 22, 1775:

“The people are Protestants; and of that kind which is the most adverse to all implicit submission of mind and opinion. This is a persuasion not only favorable to liberty, but built upon it…”

Edmund Burke continued:

“All Protestantism…is a sort of dissent. But the religion most prevalent in our Northern Colonies is a refinement on the principle of resistance; it is the dissidence of dissent, and the protestantism of the Protestant religion.”

Edmund Burke is quoted in The Works and Correspondence of the Right Honorable Edmund Burke, Volume VI:

“The Scripture…is a most remarkable, but most multifarious, collection of the records of the Divine economy; a collection of an infinite variety of theology, history, prophecy, psalmody, morality, allegory, legislation, carried through different books, by different authors, at different ages, for different ends and purposes.”

In 1789, the French Revolution started with the motto “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.”

Robespierre, who led France’s “Committee of Public Safety,” gave a Speech to the National Convention, February 5, 1794, titled “Terror Justified.”Robespierre stated he would:  “…lead the people by means of reason and…by terror…  Terror is nothing else than swift, severe, indomitable justice; it flows, then, from virtue.”Talleyrand, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, demanded the U.S. pay millions in bribes to stop France from raiding American ships. He stated: “Speech was given to man to conceal his thought.”Over 40,000 were beheaded in Paris’ Reign of Terror and over 250,000 were massacred in the Vendée, a Catholic area of northwest France. All churches were closed; religious monuments destroyed; graves desecrated; crosses forbidden; public and private worship and education were outlawed. It was an intentional campaign to dechristianize French society, replacing it with a civic religion of state worship.  Robespierre placed a prostitute in Notre Dame Cathedral, covered her with a sheet, and called her the goddess of reason.

First to be beheaded were King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, but when the country’s situation did not improve, Robespierre accused all the royalty, who were then beheaded.  When the situation did not improve, the next to be beheaded were the wealthy, followed by business owners, farmers and those who hoarded food.

When the situation did not improve, the religious clergy were beheaded, being accused of holding the nation back from achieving a secular secular society. Priests and ministers, along with those who harbored them, were executed on sight.  When the situation did not improve, they beheaded those disloyal to the revolution – those who had grown tired of the beheadings.

Finally Robespierre himself was beheaded, and Napoleon began his rise toward dictatorship.

In “A Letter to a Member of the National Assembly,” 1791, Edmund Burke wrote:

“What is liberty without wisdom and without virtue?  It is the greatest of all possible evils; for it is folly, vice, and madness, without restraint.

Men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains upon their own appetites; in proportion as they are disposed to listen to the counsels of the wise and good in preference to the flattery of knaves…”

Edmund Burke continued: “Society cannot exist, unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere; and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without. It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”

In Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1790, Edmund Burke wrote:  “People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors.”

On January 9, 1795, in a letter to William Smith, Edmund Burke stated:  “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Do you really believe…?

I believe that our founding fathers very clearly recognized that our form of government would only work for a moral and virtuous people, and no other.  The Northwest Ordinance (1787) stated, “Religion, morality, and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.”  If this type of statement were in a proposed bill today, it would be DOA!  There are many quotes from our founding fathers that support this position.

We are no longer the nation that we were when the United States of America was founded. The country’s foundation of morality and virtue have been eroded little by little.  Can anyone re-build a good house on a bad foundation?  Obviously, the answer is no.  In the same manner, we can’t restore our country to what it once was without addressing the foundation – which is made up of families, schools, neighborhoods and churches.  If we aim at any other goal, I believe we are building a house on the sand, and face collapse.

As a Christian, I choose to fight for the traditional family, to regain control of our children’s education, and to encourage people to turn back to God.  There is no morality and virtue aside from God.  If we seriously intend to fight for our country, it is here that we need to engage the battle.  Sure, there are other fronts that need attention:  illegal immigration, Agenda 21, religious liberty, second amendment, fiscal responsibility, etc.  But if we only engage in these skirmishes and neglect the foundation, it will all be in vain.

I started the patriot group, Faith of our Fathers (https://foofohio.wordpress.com), to focus on rebuilding those foundations in ourselves, so that we can reclaim our lost heritage.  We are presently using The Truth Project, which is an in-depth Christian worldview study.   I find it amazing to discover just how successful unbelievers have been in dismantling sound thinking and truth.

Perhaps it is time for all of us to return to the basic precepts of our faith in the Truth of Jesus…  He is still able to save us!  And we know that his church will stand strong against the darkness!  If we all lived it out loud, we could turn the world upside down again!!

As the haunting question posed by our present study goes, “Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?” ~ Dr. Dell Tackett, The Truth Project

Where We’ve Been

Faith of our Fathers (FOOF) began in October 2011 when leaders in the church we attend (Upper Arlington Lutheran Church) challenged my husband and I to start a group for American patriots, since I expressed the need for such a group and none existed.  Our initial study surrounded David Barton’s “American Heritage” series published by Wallbuilders.com.  Several of our members attended a Colson Center conference in the spring of 2012, where we acquired Breakpoint’s “Breaking the Spiral of Silence” – during the early summer we viewed this in conjunction with clips from Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Love” Dallas event from July 2012, which several FOOFers attended together.

The group then pooled together and bought American Family Studios “Speechless: Silencing the Christians” for our late summer/early fall sessions.  Interspersed in this series we also viewed several movies/documentaries including: Kirk Cameroon’s “Monumental;” Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s “Isaiah 9:10 Judgment;” Glenn Beck’s “The Project;” and the exhilarating action epic “For Greater Glory.”

Our chosen winter 2013 series is Focus on the Family’s “The Truth Project.”  More about this series can be found on their website (http://www.thetruthproject.org) and elsewhere on this site (https://foofohio.wordpress.com/truth).

We have many series to choose from, and hope to hit upon the topics that excite and inspire Christian Americans to stand up for their faith against ever increasing indifference and open hostility!  We strive to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ!

For God, Country and Freedom!

Julie and Bob Klusty