Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) Leadership Training

Ricki Pepin will be teaching the IOTC Leadership Training course here in Columbus for graduates of the IOTC U.S. Constitution course! Please mark your calendars for Saturday, March 29, 2014, 10 AM – 3 PM. I need a head count of attendees, so we can supply the needed materials. Married couples can share. Please CONTACT US if you plan to attend.

WHEN:  Saturday, March 29, 2014 – 10 AM-3 PM
WHERE:  Upper Arlington Lutheran Church
2300 Lytham Road
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43220
Link to map for UALC Lytham –

You do not have to be IOTC graduates to attend.  It is easier to understand the materials if you have taken the course, but it is not required.  You will “get it” as we proceed through the lessons.

This leadership training is the road map for restoration of our Constitutional Republic! It will help us understand teaching principles we need to multiply the message of properly understanding the Constitution by exposing the Biblical Worldview of America’s Founders, namely that:

  •   There is a God, the God of the Bible
  •   Our rights come from Him, and
  •   The purpose of civil government is to secure our God-given rights.

The class will run on Saturday, March 29th from 10 AM – 3 PM.

Ricki asks all to arrive no later than 9:45 AM so we can get materials to you and actually START the class by 10 AM.

Tuition and lunch money will be collected as you arrive for class and get materials. A box lunch can be purchased for $10 (lunch details to follow later), but we make no time to go out and get lunch, so if students do not purchase the box lunch, be sure to pack one. We have a “working lunch” – only about a 15 minute break before getting back into my teaching. (Students can continue eating at this time, only Ricki needs to be done!)

Minimum purchase for materials is $40. This includes:

  • 130-page Teacher’s Manual – “U. S. Constitution and Principle Approach Teacher’s ‘FEET’ Manual”;
  • CD with all the documents of this “Feet” Manual;
  • DVD entitled “Multiplying the Message.”

Couples can share one set. There will be other optional materials available for purchase as well, so bring extra cash/check (no credit card capability). On the day of class, please bring your IOTC Student Manual (if you have one), and if anyone has already purchased a Host Kit, also bring along the small manual entitled, “Host Lecture Kit.” This contains the answer key (and a few other goodies) for the Student Manual. Ricki will have a few “loaners” to give out for class time, but not enough for all.

Ricki will be teaching using the Eidsmoe IOTC Leadership Materials, not the Peroutka materials. However, they are similar enough that bringing Peroutka materials will still be helpful. Eidsmoe would be best. We’ll be discussing the differences between Eidsmoe & Peroutka in class to enable students to figure out which they would prefer to use.

Registration deadline is March 15th, so invite your friends now to ensure enough time to print or order sufficient materials.

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