1 thought on “Operation American Spring – May 16, 2014

  1. Our strength lies in our solidarity. I pray we find the strength to prevail, to leave behind our personal conflicts and worries for awhile, and remember how this country was built by people from may different countries who came to be one of us, a melting pot, and the people did great things and for a while our country was a shining beacon of hope to others living under oppression and tyranny but now we are one of the oppressed. I hope we can all confront the truth that our nation is in peril and that we need to come together as AMERICANS, whatever sex, creed, heritage, color, we ARE AMERICANS. Our country was great once and it can be again if we come together – a rope is made from fragile fibers that break but woven together they are strong. Let us be strong. Let us be Americans together who love our country and are willing to leave our comfortable lives behind to bring it back from the edge of oblivion.

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