GOD’s Own Fool, Part 2

I sent a text to all my kids that read: “You need to get a mask on before you fly anywhere. I swear this Ebola thing is orchestrated… I’d appreciate it if you don’t breathe on me for 25 days!!!”

I figure the NSA has already intercepted it and turned on my beeper…

Dear Lord, I’ve turned into a conspiracy theorist…!

My yearly jaunt through the Bible has me currently reading Jeremiah and Isaiah at the same time. I love this yearly routine! As the nights get longer and the days get colder, my old prophet friends keep me cheered up with scathing warnings to the distracted population, who are caught up in the revelry and self-indulgence of their culture! If only you knew what I was talking about, and could understand the irony of the joke!

My eldest daughter saw me dedicate my life to Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God of the universe. She saw the difference it made in my life, as Jesus systematically undid every knot I had ever made in my life. Jesus set me free of every chain, every fear, every sin, every heart break… And then Jesus satisfied me with himself. Nothing else added. Focus on Jesus – eternal perspective.

A pastor once told me that I had spent so much time isolated with Jesus that my intensity was a beacon – another told me to keep my face veiled so I wouldn’t frighten people. My best friend pastor told me that my crazed sense of humor took him by surprise when we first met; but after getting to know me he determined that I was the sanest person he knew. I thought Jesus talked to everyone…(?)

Oh, but he does! Not everyone listens!

As Ebola patients pour out of the Dark Continent in desperate attempts to survive the virus that kills 90% of its victims, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the Ebola outbreak is unlike anything since the AIDS epidemic,[1] which didn’t prove to be an effective enough killer for the globalist eugenics program.[2] Lab weaponized Ebola was perfected through a United Nations testing program in western Africa.[3] Obama has given the go ahead to keep U.S. southern borders and flights from infected countries open – meaning American citizens are about to be exposed to a horrible killing disease, that may or may not be air borne.[4] Meanwhile, customs agents complain of improper training or equipment to deal with potentially infected passengers;[5] Marine Corps drills are focused on pandemic preparations;[6] airplane cabin cleaners are picketing outside LaGuardia Airport over health and safety issues;[7] sick nurses are popping up all over the planet;[8] and radio and news reports are over the top with sensationalism.[9] It all screams of staged orchestration.

Don’t forget the executive order Obama signed in early August. It orders officials to detain Americans with any signs of ‘Respiratory Illnesses.’ [10]  Although Ebola was listed on the original executive order signed by Bush, Obama’s amendment ensures that Americans who merely show signs of respiratory illness, with the exception of influenza, can be forcibly detained by medical authorities. Who knew?!

Think about it. Throughout history, “leaders” have enacted genocide in order to gain power. It is nothing new, so is therefore possible. The last vestiges of western culture are under attack, disguised as politically correct propaganda, a vendetta against founding American concepts, and a mocking curse for all things Christian and/or Jewish. Anyone who spends time reading the Bible is not surprised.

I hope your family “go to” plans are securely in place.

Go on and say what you are thinking, “You are crazy, lady!” Perhaps so – but the grim reaper of pestilence isn’t nearly as friendly.


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