FOOF Meeting 4/18/16

We will continue the Focus on the Family’s DVD True U series “Is the Bible Reliable?”   The topic is “Israel’s Rise to Prominence through David and Solomon”.

Catherine Rope, Columbus chapter leader for ACT for America will share a presentation given by Clare Lopez.  Clare is a former CIA official and currently the VP of Research & Analysis for the Center for Security Policy.  Clare gave the presentation to the Cleveland chapter of ACT for America.

Below is the schedule for the remainder of April, the month of May and early June.

Beginning April 25, Mark Locher will lead a 5-week class on Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The class description:

This class studies how Reverend Dietrich Bonhoeffer utilized his faith to engage the Nazi Regime in World War II with the goal of saving lives. We will study several topics, including The Church, The Role of Church in Society, Christian Community, Religionless Christianity, Engaging the Government and Just Wars, among others. This DVD based study is five weeks long.

On May 16 (Mark is on vacation), Pastor Dave Mann will talk with the group on the Muslim faith and culture.  Dave has been a missionary for over 20 years, living in Khartoum, Haiti, and more recently, Morocco.

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