Upcoming Events Summary

For more details on the following events, click on the link(s) for the corresponding post.  Information on other topics is available by clicking on the “Blogs” tab above.

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EVENTS (Updated 8/19/2019):

FOOF – Monday, August 19, 7:00 PM, DVD – Evolution and Logical Fallacies – Exposing Weaknesses in the Chan of Reasoning – Dr. Jason Lisle

FOOF – Monday, August 26, 7:00 PM, The Global Flood and the Hydroplate Theory – Bob Enyart of Real Science Radio

NO FOOF – Monday, September 2 – Labor Day

EVENT – Saturday, September 21 – We the People Convention 2019

EVENT – Friday, November 15 – Saturday, November 16 – Columbus, Ohio – talk – Dr. Alex McFarland and Truth for a New GenerationReynoldsburg United Methodist Church


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