FOOF Meeting 6/20/16

As a follow-up to the Bonhoeffer series, on Monday we will view a sermon by Gavin Seim about our responsibilities when civil government becomes evil.

Gavin Seim set up a live stream to over 70,000 people which probably saved four innocent lives and exposed the FBI trying to get one of the four people to do something so the FBI could shoot them dead.  Since them, the federal government and state governments of Nevada and Oregon have imprisoned, in solitary confinement, people whose crime, was at most trespassing, but whose real threat was educating citizens of their Christian responsibilities and Constitutional rights.  Gavin is speaking around the country to alert people as to what is going on and what are our responsibilities as Christians.  Gavin spoke in God’s Country Church this past May on “Repentance, Law, and Action” and we will view a video of this sermon.

For more information on the Oregon political prisoners, see:

Gavin Seim’s website is:



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