EVENT – 1/10/17 – DVD KrisAnne Hall

On Tuesday, January 10th the Westerville Tea Party will continue with “The Roots of Liberty”. This is part 2 of the series by KrisAnne Hall.

Part 2 of KrisAnne Hall’s 5 part DVD series titled “The Roots of Libery” is “The Bill of Rights: The 1st Amendment.” Go in depth on the 1st Amendment, its history and meaning.

For more information on KrisAnne Hall or to listen to her show, see http://krisannehall.com/

The speaker on the DVD, KrisAnne Hall, is an attorney and former prosecutor who travels the country teaching the Constitution and the history that gave us our founding documents. KrisAnne will tell you what the founders had to say on today’s relevant issues.

WHEN: Tuesday, January 10th @ 7:00 PM

WHERE: The Old Bag of Nails – 24 N. State St., Westerville, OH

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