EVENT – Active Shooter Training

From the Westerville Tea Party…


The course is called C.R.A.S.E. which stands for Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event.   This is a federal grant course taught by the Franklin County Sheriff dept. in light of all the recent events at schools and public places with ACTIVE SHOOTERS! Course is well done and has updated information that differs from the last course we had that was taught by the Westerville Police Dept. That course was very worthwhile and this course will be even more beneficial for real life situations any of us could experience anywhere during our day! Our normal day could be turned upside down in a few minutes and we all need to know what to do to save ourselves and others!!

Taught by Franklin County Sheriff Dept. We must have a minimum of 20 people at this meeting!! So please put on your calendar and bring your friends also!
WHAT:  Westerville TEA Party June meeting.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 12th @ 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM  Note it starts ½ earlier than normal and goes ½ later

WHERE: The Old Bag of Nails – 24 N. State St., Westerville, OH (3rd floor)