FADA 4/26/16

First Amendment Defense Act (FADA): Across the country state legislators and governors are considering bills that would protect individuals, organizations, and businesses who believe marriage is the union between one man and one woman. Unfortunately, under opposition from liberal special interest groups and big business, many state governments are scared to pass such legislation. House Republicans in Washington, D.C. have an opportunity to provide leadership and political cover for state governments by passing FADA.

FADA has the support of 167 co-sponsors yet House Leadership has failed to consider the bill in committee or schedule a vote on the House floor. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), chairman of the House – Oversight and Government Reform committee, has expressed a willingness to hold a hearing on FADA, but has not promised a markup of the bill that is essential for passage.

Heritage Action created a website calling on Congress to pass FADA, H.R. 2802, and listing the members of Congress who cosponsored the bill. Please visit the page here and urge your member to encourage Chaffetz and Leadership to move the bill through committee by scheduling a markup and House floor vote. Heritage Action also created a website with a list of members who haven’t co-sponsored FADA which you can find here. For the full list of members on the House – Oversight and Government Reform committee click here.

Read and share Heritage Action FADA FAQs Sentinel brief by clicking here.

Persecution coming for American Christians?!


Congratulations to all the graduates of the IOTC U.S. Constitution course!!
Of the 61 people enrolled in the class, 27 of them completed the requirements to be awarded with the title of “United States Constitutionist”!
What an accomplishment!!

We look forward to the upcoming IOTC Leadership Training event on Saturday, March 29, 2014  – 10 AM-3 PM

WHERE:  Upper Arlington Lutheran Church, 2300 Lytham Road, Upper Arlington, Ohio 43220   (Link to map for UALC Lytham – http://www.ualc.org/campuses)

 You do not have to be IOTC graduates to attend.  It is easier to understand the materials if you have taken the course, but it is not required.  You will “get it” as we proceed through the lessons.   This leadership training is the road map for restoration of our Constitutional Republic! It will help us understand teaching principles we need to multiply the message of properly understanding the Constitution by exposing the Biblical Worldview of America’s Founders, namely that:

  • There is a God, the God of the Bible
  • Our rights come from Him, and
  • The purpose of civil government is to secure our God-given rights.

Please see this link for more information if you would like to join us:  https://foofohio.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/institute-on-the-constitution-iotc-leadership-training. (And follow the blog!)


Please take a look at our revised winter 2014 schedule and share it – we have many interesting topics coming up!   Be aware, however, that I have several speakers on my “pop in any time” list, to give us updates on their ministries/work/discipleship.  The schedule may shift without notice, but I promise that I won’t waste your time!  BTW – we all may want to carry a few extra dollars in our pockets in case anyone shows up, for whom we need to take up a collection…

Now on to all the links and information I promised.

 *FIRST:  You all MUST listen to this message from Eric Waters
Hold on to Jesus!

And this one from G.Buba *
Persecution coming for American Christians! Be captured by the Holy Spirit!!

 We must:

  1. Practice Prayer as individuals, families and churches – be filled with the Holy Spirit
  2. Read our Bibles
  3. Be and make Disciples of Jesus

Following quickly on that, here is the link to the “Sin of Silence.”  Very powerful.  Click on “The Sin of Silence” (audio).  It may take a while to download.
Text is available at:  http://www.osl.cc/pdf/Silence.pdf

Here is the link to the Bob Burney broadcast.  The most interesting one is the 2/10 BBL Monday 3.

The Darwinization of Law in America – Pastor Whitney’s lecture from our homework.

Here is an inspirational video that explains why civil governance is important to all of us.  Start at Minute 59 for the Inspirational conclusion that should get us all fired up!  Also see Trevor Louden’s book,  The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress

Christianity is unstoppable!  We are God’s army – we are God’s church!
The undying soul (Jesus) and power (Holy Spirit) has been released upon the earth!
Christianity is the future of the world!!
Jesus will never abandon us!!!